Denon EnvayaI’ve spent much of the last few weeks testing and writing about portable Bluetooth speakers. You can read the results of that on The Register.

This is a companion piece to that, to add some background about what you should look for when you decide to buy a Bluetooth speaker to connect to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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How do astronauts eat and digest food in zero gravity?

So glad you asked. The answer is in another piece I wrote for Mental Floss, published today.

How do astronauts eat and digest food in zero gravity?

My piece for Mental Floss on whether Man Flu is really a thing

Five easy things you can do right now to rocket fuel your social media marketing

Struggling to gain followers, fans, retweets and likes? Do these five quick and easy tasks regularly and you’ll soon see results. 1. Buffer If you’re not already using Buffer, you should be. Buffer allows you to … Read more →

Sell digital products to EU countries? New VAT rules put your business at risk

UPDATE: I’ve added a couple of additional exemptions and tried to unravel what they mean at the foot of the original post. A small but significant change in the way VAT is calculated for sales … Read more →

Juliet’s story

Juliet pushed open the front gate and stepped up to the front door. Juliet pushed the front door bell. Juliet had the key to the front door in her bag and Juliet knew that ringing … Read more →

Marr’s content marketing is a hatful of hollow

Over the last few days my Facebook timeline has become littered with Instagram videos posted by Johnny Marr. There’s Johnny Marr tying his shoelaces in his dressing room; Johnny Marr buttoning his shirt in his … Read more →

Hello… again

Blackpool pier from the Tower

It’s been a while. This site has been re-directing to my Twitter profile for a couple of years because, as usual, I couldn’t decide what to do with it. The solution is obvious, of course. … Read more →